SyftForce for XPO Staff

XPO has partnered with SyftForce to provide agency staff with a mobile app to efficiently book shifts at XPO venues. You’ll be able to manage your work schedule, communicate with venue managers, and experience the benefits of flexible working, choice and transparency. To continue booking shifts with XPO, it is mandatory to fully complete your profile.

SyftForce and XPO

Choose when and where you work

Choose shifts

Get notified when work is available


Sign Up In A Few Steps

Receive invite
1) Receive An Invite

XPO will send you a personalised email invite. Use the link in the email to download the SyftForce app for your iPhone or Android device.

Complete profile
2) Complete Your Profile

Set your work availability and add a suitable profile picture. Once completed, you are ready to book shifts!

Keep up to date
3) Keep Up-To-Date

You're now able to browse and apply for shifts at your assigned XPO venues. Enable app notifications so you won't miss an opportunity.

For all shift booking enquiries, please contact your XPO venue manager.

Read Our Handy Tip Sheet

To help you understand how to set up your SyftForce account and manage your shifts with XPO, we’ve created a tip sheet which runs through the sign-up process and how you’ll be using the app.

Download the tip sheet here. You can print one off for personal use, to circulate among other workers, or to keep on site.

SyftForce tip sheet