SyftForce for Staffing Managers

Welcome to SyftForce

The ultimate staffing tool for your business!


► Utilise and allocate your relief staff across multiple sites

► Create templates to streamline the job creation process

► Easily manage time-sheets and payments

Image showing various versions of SyftForce
1) Post a Job
2) Offer jobs to Internal staff
3) Wait for shifts to get filled
4) Offer jobs to External (Syft staff)

Your introduction to SyftForce

How do I get started?

To get started with Syft, you will need to either log-in on our web portal or download the app. From there, you will need to sign up with your Account’s log-in details.

How do I sign up?

To sign up, you will need to be sent an invitational email from your Account Manager to get set up as a Staffing Manager. From that email, you will be able to log-in and provide your own personal details. Once set-up, you will be able to create jobs, additional venues and more depending on your account privileges.

I want to learn more about SyftForce and how to complete various tasks!

Below, we have provided user manuals for each platform that SyftForce is found on; inside, we address a number of questions that you might have, alongside detailed steps for how to undertaken various actions whilst using SyftForce.

I have further questions!

If you have any Technical Support enquiries, please contact your Account Management Executive HERE.

For all other Enquiries, please contact your Master Account holder.

User Manuals

Download the Syftforce User Manual for employers

Download our SyftForce A5 Worker Instructional Template!

To help with the transition towards using the SyftForce platform, we have created a generic-branded A5 SyftForce template for workers to use to help them with the sign-up process and cover the benefits of the platform.

To download this template, please click HERE.

Employer Testimonials