SyftForce for Retail

Fierce competition from online retail, fast changing consumer preferences and relentless margin pressure continue to heavily affect retail businesses. Making it essential retail businesses reduce costs.

Too many retail stores and businesses suffer from over reliance on archaic spreadsheets and laboured WhatsApp communication. Leaving empty shifts and clouded visibility, leading to low engagement, more external workers and substantially higher agency spend.

SyftForce for retail

How SyftForce manages your casuals

SyftForce is built to counter the friction between businesses and it's casual workers. With our mobile and web apps, the workforce management streamlines the processes of managing work for both parties. Allowing you increased flexibility and engagement and increased shift attendance.

Organise your entire internal workforce and agencies on one platform

Gain visibility over shifts, spend, and attendance on our reporting dashboard

Increase shift attendance by engaging your casuals and offering empties

Automate timesheets and use customisable financial reporting

Struggling to fill shifts with your own casual workers?

Sometimes your team may not be able to fill all your shifts. With one click of a button we give employers access to over 35,000 flexible workers on demand. To ensure the highest quality workers we conduct face to-face interviews and a thorough onboarding process with each and every Syfter. Together with our intuitive rating technology, we ensure you get the top rated workers for your business, whatever the hour.

  • Online Order Assistant
  • Replenishment Assistant
  • Steward
  • Support Worker

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