A Revolutionary Tool For Effective Staffing

Why SyftForce

Efficient Resourcing

Assign home sites for your staff, meaning they will be prioritised for shifts at a specific location, improving staffing consistency.

Simple Shift Planning

Plan your staff rota and see who’s available for extra shifts, workers then book shifts via the branded SyftForce mobile app.

Innovative Processes

The platform boasts many time-saving features, such as a clock-in/clock-out QR code scanner, which checks in your staff in seconds.

Pushing Forward Change In Industrial

The industrial and logistics sectors are rapidly evolving, with businesses embracing innovative technology to modernise processes, compete effectively and satisfy consumer demand, visible with automation, artificial intelligence and self-driving vehicles.

However, despite the latest up-to-date solutions, employers still find themselves with the staffing problems they’ve faced for years.

  • No overview of an entire workforce, including staffing managers, permanent team members and flexible staff, to check availability and spot absences;
  • No way to collate multiple sites and assign staff efficiently, avoiding overstaffing and understaffing;
  • Inefficient and patchy hiring processes, which can lead to unreliable workers that may not be fully trained, licensed and compliant;
  • Allocating too much budget on securing staff at the last minute.

SyftForce is the next stage in your company’s modernisation. Have a clear view over all your workers and sites, staffing each shift as appropriate, ending fragmented processes and eliminating unnecessary spend; call on high quality flexible workers to fill in the gaps as needed. With the right tool to organise your workforce, learn more about our diverse array of top-rated Syfters.

Procurement & Operations Managers

You’ll have total visibility over your entire team and can choose how the platform will be utilised by staff. Contact staff, download financial data and view multiple sites in a few swipes.

Staffing Managers

Assign tasks and set permissions suitable for your high-level staff; empower them with up-to-date information and the tools to use it.

Permanent Team

Learn each worker’s availability, their willingness to take on more shifts and if there are any recurring gaps in your rota.

Flexible Workers

Employ an extra pair of hands occasionally? Keep track of who is assigned to shifts, your ongoing spend and access flexible staff on-demand.

If you feel your business can better allocate its resources through the use of innovative technology, we’d encourage you to download SyftForce from the App Store or Google Play, compatible with desktop, phone and tablet.

Want to learn more about SyftForce? We’re happy to offer you a full product demonstration with one of our internal team members. During a demonstration, you can:

  • View the platform’s features in action
  • Find out how SyftForce meets your specific challenges
  • Learn how to integrate SyftForce into your operations
  • Discover the platform support we offer
  • Hear how SyftForce has benefited a range of firms

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