Get Smarter with our Scheduling Functionality

SyftForce's straightforward schedule view gives total clarity over the shifts you have posted to all venues, including the fill rate by venue and area.

Seamless Shift Planning and Posting

Say goodbye to logging rotas on spreadsheets. Schedule view gives transparency over the shifts you have posted to your sites, such as the venue, time and date.

Scheduling - planning and posting

Schedule View

SyftForce allows you to design and open shifts for specific roles then instantly make them available to all staff or select employees who have the required skills. Fill more shifts with your internal workers, reduce absenteeism and improve employee engagement.

Once the shifts are posted, offer them in bulk to your staff. View staff availability and upcoming shifts within a simple calendar, identifying gaps before they become an issue. Promptly build a smart shift schedule, getting all workers exactly where they are needed and dramatically reduce no shows. This means spending less time managing your casual estate and more time on business goals.

Scheduling - view

Control and Flexibility

Assign home sites for your employees. They will then be prioritised for shifts at a specific location, improving staffing consistency. Assign appropriate responsibilities to each of your staffing managers, ranging from managing financial information and creating venues, to checking in employees and posting shifts at designated sites.

Employees are able to set their availability within the app to avoid being scheduled on to a shift they are unable to take.

Scheduling - control and flexibility

Start benefiting from SyftForce's smart scheduling tool today.