Clock-In and
Clock-Out Scanner

Employees can simply clock what time they start and finish, giving managers full oversight and control.

Streamline your Processes

Save time and keep track of employee’s completed hours. Your staffing manager will simply scan each worker’s QR code in the app, streamlining the beginning and end of every shift. Timesheets are populated automatically as employees clock-in and out so you no longer need to collect paper timesheets from your staff and calculate the hours.

Clock In Clock Out - streamlined

Shift Tracking

Gain complete visibility across your workforce and learn exactly who is turning up to each shift. Compare worked and scheduled hours, and easily monitor absence and lateness.

Employees can only clock in and out if they turn up to shift, allowing you to identify those who don’t arrive, enabling you to reduce no shows in the future.

Clock In Clock Out - shift tracking

Export your timesheets for payroll

Once a worker clocks-in and out you can then approve the timesheet, giving you a full overview of all hours worked and all the costings. Easily export the timesheet as a CSV and pass it to your finance team.

Clock In Clock Out - export

See how SyftForce's clock-in and clock-out scanner can work for your business.