Communicate with Staff Instantly with Direct Messaging

SyftForce's communication system ensures you reach the team with the right message every time.

Faster, Leaner Communication

Staffing managers no longer have to keep in touch with employees via text and laborious WhatsApp communications. Simply collate your communication on one platform; open SyftForce’s instant messenger function, select a worker and begin a chat.

Communication - faster and leaner

Alerts and Notifications

All employees will receive a push notification informing them of a new message.

Stay in tune with your business and employees, by giving them access to all the information in the app. Enjoy fewer no shows and and no risk of miscommunication.

Employees will also be sent a push notification 48 hours before the shift commences, asking for attendance confirmation and informing workers of all critical information related to their shift.

Communication - alerts and notifications

Compliant Communications

Unlike some messaging services, communication within SyftForce is to a closed user group giving you control over access and data, ensuring complete GDPR compliance.

Communication - compliant communications

Send fast and transparent communications across your workforce now.